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Hi, I'm Patrick Perkinson. Welcome to my profile!

Patrick Perkinson's Bio:

Patrick Perkinson is an exceptionally skilled, creative and inspired website and user centered UX / UI design professional with over 14 years' experience in website and applications development with an unparalleled work ethic. His skills in UI design / development, UX engineering and front-end development are exceptional and are a great match for any creative development role. He has a profound ability to juggle multiple projects and tasks even in the face of a rapidly evolving requirements and technological shifts. From problem identification and documentation to creation of wireframes, mock-ups and rapid prototypes, Patrick identifies, researches, engages, and solves complex challenges. He designs forward-thinking UX and UI with an unprecedented eye for pixel perfect implementations and then flourishes as he charges into the front-end development of the website or application. As a gifted communicator, a skill perfected working 16 years in several non-English speaking countries interrelating with dozens of nationalities as both a civilian, Soldier and contractor, he shows considerable expertise and tact when interfacing with multiple entities. Collaborating and interacting with a myriad of clients and stakeholders ranging anywhere from fellow team members all the way to leadership at the highest levels to ensure the product is exactly how it was envisioned to be. Patrick is very much a talented disciple and extremely fast learner in all matters of IT. He thrives in a fast past and rapidly evolving Agile, Iterative or Waterfall development environment with an unrivaled keen sense of duty, initiative and technical troubleshooting skills. In short he is a considerable asset for any team or company. Skills: Website Design, Graphic Design, Front-end Development, UI, UX, Usability Testing, Analytics, Bootstrap, T3, Client Interaction, Requirements Gathering, Adobe Creative Suite, Git, Selenium, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery-UI, CSS3, SASS, LESS, HTML5, XML, PHP, AJAX, REST, JSON

Patrick Perkinson's Experience:

  • KM Technologist / Public and FOUO Web & SharePoint 2007 & 2010 Developer and Webmaster at Paramount Solutions Inc

    ? Plan, develop and implement various web strategies, analytics & reporting, concepts, user scope and policies for SIGCoE Web Strategy and Lifecycle Design. ? Develop, implement and manage innovative web products to facilitate Knowledge Management and business process improvement, including new fully responsive, Ajax, CSS 3, HTML 5, PHP and JavaScript (jQuery) mobile ready websites. ? Manage Content from various sources and databases to extrapolate data in various visual and contextual formats to meet the client's needs ? Serve as the project lead in web, server and SharePoint products and development ? Signal Public and FOUO Web Designer and Webmaster (14 websites) ? Administrate, design, develop the Signal Center of Excellence (SIGCoE) SharePoint Portal current 2007 & 2010 environments to meet customer needs ? Prepare and review documents and design/prepares technical reports, presentations, and briefs ? Serve as KM Technical Expert and Advisor for SIGCoE and analyze existing and emerging web technologies ? Conduct cost/benefit analysis and technological limitation reviews of projected use in the ARMY Signal Environment ? Design custom graphics, code snippets, scripts, JavaScript modules, components, widgets, applets and flash movies for various uses including marketing, web based applications and training using the complete Adobe Master Collection Suite, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash and After Effects ? Operate as a Level I and II SharePoint Portal Administrator and Websites Service Desk representative including problem resolution, training, Information Assurance (IA), OPSEC and User/administrative controls and rights management ? Serve as the Subject Matter Expert for web, SharePoint, social media and various military platforms and computer based technologies and networks

  • KM Technologist / Public and FOUO Web & SharePoint 2007 & 2010 Developer and Webmaster at SAIC

    Lead Web Developer / Administrator and Technology Specialist for 14 Public and/or DoD Authenticated FOUO Websites including SharePoint 2007, AKO and local based FOUO Websites for the U.S Army Signal Center of Excellence (SIGCOE). Responsible for 2000+ local SharePoint 2007 Users including management and administration of 50+ SharePoint Sub-Sites. Help Desk manager for all SIGCoE SharePoint and Web Products. Web based and new technologies consultant and web applications architect for the Knowledge Management Office, Ft. Gordon Signal Center, U.S. Army, DoD.

  • Director of Digital Operations / Web Designer / Webmaster at International Group of Gaming Resorts

    Plan, develop and implement IT strategies for IGGR new company and casino assets; serve as the email, remote server and web development administrator Function as a Technical Expert and Advisor for company IT and E-Marketing issues; assess corporate needs and develop web strategies as the Lead Web Developer Created three marketing based web sites to increase exposure and business for the company; negotiate contracts including, currently, with Playtech Gaming for the E-Marketing and administration of an online gaming web site Performed three comprehensive IT audits of IT Departments for eight casinos spanning three continents

  • IT Manager / Webmaster at Sinai Grand Casino

    Developed the general IT strategy and web site, implemented the web site for 40 user systems, including server, network and email server administration Managed multiple company applications, including customized and proprietary systems as well as the central corporate SQL database Evaluated IT needs and implemented policies to increase productivity and make the system more secure; attained increase efficiencies leading to a productivity increase of 15% and system up-time increases from 60 to almost 97% Researched new technologies, determined applicability, presented findings to management and implemented approved systems, applications and tools Communicated as a company liaison with vendors and customers Planned, developed and implemented new network systems, including Microsoft Server 2003, SQL and Exchange Mail server for over 70 users across 2 companies; designed over three corporate websites and 12 client websites Troubleshot system issues and provided timely resolution; served as the SEO and webmaster expert Designed, implemented and managed the complete Security installation of RFID door access technology of over 40 casino doors with various levels of needed security; oversaw the implementation of casino video systems Generated management reports and provided advice to management regarding system improvements, performance and problem resolution

  • Web Developer at

    Was a 'side' project of mine. Completely designed, developed the website and website business model. Sold majority oversight of company operations in 2010. Developed a media platform that was the first of its kind in the area, bringing in a new form of inexpensive advertising to local and international businesses to a HOT SPOT vacation destination for Europeans. Have had great success reaching near 200,000 on Alexa and a page rank of 4 within a few months. Have listeners from around the world with a majority in England, USA and Egypt. Planned and developed the business model and implement technologies and marketing tactics. Implemented dozens of state of the art technologies to the site and always work to improve on user experience SEO and technical aspects.

  • Marketing Manager at SSQ Real Estate

    Generally in charge of 5 sales associates and web based e-marketing. IT support at times, in charge of website design etc.

  • Platoon Sergeant at United States Army

    Various Locations Through nearly 8 years of service, served on multiple high risk missions in combat environments; provided training, leadership and management for personnel to ensure their readiness, safety and combat efficacy Accounted for the health, proficiency and wellbeing of 14 to 45 men on selected missions Oversaw the safekeeping of over $200K in high technology military equipment and weaponry Implemented programs and activities to ensure the morale of subordinate personnel Planned and conducted high risk missions under tight time frames in a highly lethal environment Received promotion and selected assignments ahead of peers in both Afghanistan and Iraq Assessed personnel readiness and mission requirements and provided advice and recommendations to senior leaders regarding operational security issues Developed security policies for three Forward Operating Bases and Afghan Government, Police and Strategic locations. Trained over 400 Iraqi and Afghan military and police in CQB, Combat Operations, Air Assault Operations, Reconnaissance, MOUT, Infantry Tactics, PCIs and general site security. Courses & Training U.S. Army Airborne School, Standard School for training Basic Combat Parachuting Skills. RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) Highly intense course to select new recruits to the ranks of US Special Operations Rangers. PLDC (Warrior Leader Course): Graduated 2nd in class but top in grades, successfully trained and mentored fellow soldiers on Land Navigation, Infantry Basic Combat Tactics, Reconnaissance and Field Craft. Advanced CQB and MOUT Training, US Army SoC, 2002 to 2002: Highly Intense Special Operations (1st SFOD and 10th SF Group) led course on advanced CQB and MOUT environment tactics, marksmanship, air assault, repelling, breaching hostage rescue and takedown tactics and procedures, Including advanced hand to hand combat Infantry BNCOC Phase 1, 100% tests scores, finished top of the class

  • UX - UI Front End Software Developer at Barling Bay

    Responsible for the front-end development of software applications Modify and develop Flex, JavaScript, ActionScript 3 application code Modify, Develop, Outline, and Design New User Interfaces and existing improvements for applications across several frameworks in an Agile Life Cycle Software Development environment Implement new application UX UI and resolve existing defects Create low and high fidelity mock-ups for prototyping Design and implement high fidelity custom vector graphics in multiple formats Assist in development of the cross application style guide Work closely with Storyboarders, taking their finished product and creating applications Provide workable applications to back-end developers for wiring Write documentation of system procedures and guidelines for systems users, as well as programs and program modifications. Identify UX deficiencies through usability testing and research Research and document application workflows, problem resolutions or technological improvements Interface with several existing design teams and implement recommended improvements Collaborate with configuration management, leadership, stakeholders and software engineers to ensure assets are built and stored based on project standards and develop the user interface style and user experience standards for the project.

  • Sole Proprietor and Web Developer at

    Private business that has designed and hosted over 90 business, e-commerce, affiliate, gaming, social media, gambling, news aggregation, private & personal sites over the last 11 years. Specialties include being an excellent Joomla Jedi, with heavy development in e-commerce, social media, graphic media applications and design to include security, web hosting, Apache (LINUX) WHM, Cpanel and Windows Servers 2003-2008 up to IIS 7.5 Hosting and configurations.

Patrick Perkinson's Education:

  • Hephzibah Comprehensive High School

    High School Diploma

Patrick Perkinson's Interests & Activities:

diving, web design, fishing, art, design, kayak fishing, applications design, technology, space,

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